10 Quick Tips on How to be Your Own Best Friend

What's best about your Bestie? What qualities does she posses that keep her in your life? Is she: Respectful. Supportive. Trustworthy. Forgiving. Non-judgmental? Does she make time to spend with you? Probably. Most likely, she wasn't this all at once, but over time you worked on your relationship and it has now become one of the most rewarding relationships in your life. Well, now, it’s time to have that relationship with yourself. Like anything else, you'll have to work for it. Here are a few easy ideas…

Contact Your Contacts. Your Livelihood Depends On It

Hellllllooooooo Sisters! In this post, I have an antidote for: loneliness, networking fears, being stuck in a rut, lacking social connection, needing more value in life and as a bonus, a way of finding new business leads. Yes my sisters a jam packed idea. This business/life lesson that I learned happened organically over a short period of time. I never realized that this “exercise” would add so much value and happiness to my life AND bring on big business to my company!

Learn from Your History. You are Your Own Best Teacher.

Here is a post that will show you a way to learn from YOUR history. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way and this is the story... Way back when, I was challenged by a "mentor.” Luckily, I have balls of steel. And I & have had many outstanding mentors. This enabled me to weather the storm of self-doubt that this particular mentor brought upon me with his words of “wisdom." If you are not sure of exactly what’s your next step in life or what kind of business you want to commit to, try out this exercise.


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