Corporate Coaching Program

By creating opportunities to connect with employees as individuals, we consistently demonstrate that they are truly valued and cared for on both a personal and organizational level.

The key word here is “consistently.” As we have learned, great leaders make genuine care a regular, daily priority. They don’t simply limit their show of appreciation to a few times a year.

The key to sustaining genuine care is creating a “Co-Active Coaching” strategy, and then operationalizing it throughout the year. A “Co-Active Coaching” strategy engages a transformative communication process that allows individuals from all levels of an organization to build strong, collaborative relationships for the purpose of meeting the employee’s’ and company’s goals.

Your organization is different from others, and your employees’ career and personal goals will vary from those at other companies. For optimal results, it is important to determine the needs specific to your business. To start, we offer a 5-6 month “Co-Active Beta Program” in which we coach team members on all levels, gather data and then recommend customized company programs to enhance retention and company culture, and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Below is a broad description of the customizable “Co-Active Beta Program.”

How Coaching Works

Mastermind goals

First, Employee Focused:

4 one-on-one confidential, coaching sessions per month per employee. Employees at all levels work on confidence building, efficient goal attainment, time management, leadership and communication skills (and more) on a professional and personal level. This process brings employees more clarity, job satisfaction, effectiveness, and the tools to reach company goals at an accelerated pace.

Mastermind agenda

Second, Company Focused:

Confidential employee feedback: Twenty percent of private coaching time is dedicated to employee collaboration on company leadership, culture, and new incentives/ideas to assist your company with growth. Through employee feedback, you are obtaining the most important qualitative data – understanding your employees’ needs.

Qualitative data and analysis: The goal of analysis is to come to a meaningful and symbolic conclusion for your HR department. We look for and identify themes as well as develop response categories. For example, if employees are consistently unhappy with your leadership communication, we collaborate on how you can respond and improve it by building programs around it.

Mastermind Meeting

Third, Culture Focused:

Customized Program Creation. Employees don’t require an elaborate gesture; they just want to know you care about them as individuals. We can deliver customizable programs for few or many with different areas of focus, such as:

  • “Intentional Listening for Leaders” workshops
  • Peer-to-peer care among employees with mentorship programs
  • Roundtable focus groups on trending issues
  • Big picture, “Amazing Race-like” company-wide events
  • Transition programs for employees entering or exiting the workforce
  • Support groups

The options are virtually endless but, most importantly, completely customized based on the data and analysis from your company.

Remember, the more empowered an employee feels and the more invested they feel in the organization, the more engaged they tend to be in the technical aspects of their jobs, as well as in the quality of service they provide to your customers, clients and partners. This will result in everyone championing the success of their, or your, organization.



“Casey has helped me focus on my innermost passions and wishes and has helped me bring them to fruition. Through her Mastermind and coaching, she creates an experience that is thought-provoking and helps you truly focus, while at the same time provides you with tools and expertise that will help you break through barriers, stomp out negativity and rise up to the highest of standards that are within you.”

Teresa Hicks, CEO, Bright Side Marketing


“Working with Casey DeStefano has given me a life accountability partner.  She has the keen ability to help me tease out specific goals on my own, then put into effect a strategy and plan to achieve those goals. Our partnership is enabling me to dream big and enjoy the journey.  Taking the step to work with Casey has been one of the best gifts I’ve given myself-financially and personally.”

Marisa Khachaturian, Rodan+Fields Level 5

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