10 Week Mastermind Program

“Women with Balls…in the Air” Mastermind Program is all about taking well-deserved time to remember who you are and what you need out of life. We will work on strategizing your work and life advancement and bringing it all together in a unique harmony. We will work on your goals, efficiently prioritize what is meaningful and give you the tools to accomplish ANYTHING you put your mind to. Let the mad juggling skills begin…

How the Mastermind Program Works

Each week our group will meet and I will walk you through a series of different processes designed to help you with topics such as smart goals setting, thinking big, mastering time management, strengthening your confidence like never before, fighting fears, knowing your worth in business and at home, making facing conflict and negotiating enjoyable and how to promote yourself without feeling like a donkey. All this while building relationships and getting referrals from the group members. Yep, it’s a good old girls’ club.

Mastermind Meeting

1x Weekly Meeting

In each meeting, you will get a results-oriented knowledge by diving deep into relevant topics. Then I will ask you to share a win from your previous week. (I love this part!) It can be anything from negotiating a fifty-grand deal to getting your kid to stop talking about poop. Next, if you need help solving any issue, you can jump in the “Hot Seat,” which is where you can ask for advice on how to address any challenges you may currently have in a sharing and supportive environment.  At the end of each Mastermind session, you can talk to the group about a specific challenge, action, or goal that you would like to work on during the week to advance your present situation. And we will hold you accountable! And that’s where the fun really begins!

Mastermind agenda

Mastermind Agenda Example:

  • This week: Work-Life Balance. Topic: How to set attainable, timely goals and crush them.
  • Share last week’s success: I negotiated a lucrative deal while playing Minecraft with my son.
  • Hot Seat: How do I stop work to spend time with family and yet still accomplish all I need to for my biz?
  • Share accountability goal for next week: I will try closing shop 30 minutes before family time to regroup and set the night’s agenda to be present with my children.
  • Now you’re accountable! Go girl and make it happen!
Mastermind goals

1x Weekly Goal Sheets

Each week, you’ll receive an uber-simple work sheet to help you focus on the topic and how it applies to your personal process. You can use it as a guide, for notes or  observations, or even as a paper airplane for the kids. Please just hold any folding until after the meeting.

Mastermind group

Private Facebook Group

You will be invited to the “Women with Balls…in the Air” Mastermind private Facebook group. A thought-provoking place where group dynamics kick in and members take the opportunity to ask and answer questions and show support.  This will also be a great place to share Mastermind Program updates, referrals for members, related articles, quotes and any other relevant content.

What’s My Why?


To give you the gumption to
re-awaken your dreams, and to give you the tools to exist at your highest potential.


For you to rise and be successful so that you too can help other women succeed.


For women like you to rule the world so that my daughter and her girlfriends can live in a world that’s fair and just to women.

If you thought to yourself anything BUT “Damn straight!” … you really need to work with me!



“If you have the opportunity to attend Casey DeStefano’s Masterminds group, I would jump at the chance to attend one. I recently participated in Casey’s class and it has shifted the way I look at my business. The opportunity to share and learn from a group of intelligent women who are all at different stages of running a business was eye opening. Each woman brought a fresh perspective to the table and together we celebrated wins and worked through challenges in a safe environment. Casey is a natural facilitator and a one-of-a-kind mentor — sharp, creative, personable and a successful businesswoman in her own right. This class — and Casey — has left an indelible impression on me.”

Kim Keating – Founder, Give Marketing


Thank you!!!! I think I under estimated how much I needed the emotional support of all of you. Being an entrepreneur has put me into a bit of a vacuum and although I am proud of what we are doing it has come with giving up other things in my life too. You are an amazing mentor, leader and all around human and it’s a pleasure being part of this group. And thank you for the much-needed hug last night.

Jill Slater – CEO, Fasten


My Mastermind experience with Casey was nothing short of wonderful! I learned professional growth tactics so intuitive that implementation and execution were almost always immediate and effective for me. Perhaps even more importantly though, it was always readily apparent what a good, reliable person Casey is, always demonstrating that she cared about each member of the group and their ongoing successes. Originally skeptical about fitting into this business-oriented group as a writer and performer, I can now sincerely recommend Casey’s Mastermind to people of all backgrounds looking to grow their professional aptitude and become a more refined person overall.

Ryan Sander – Screenplay Writer & Published Author

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