#41 Learn How to Wake Up Earlier: A Proven Method to Change Your Life

#41 Learn How to Wake Up Earlier: A Proven Method to Change Your Life

Listen. Learn. Love thyself. Never fear your future again.

Let’s commiserate. Don’t you HATE waking up early in the morning? And don’t ya hate those people that wake up at the crack of dawn? Those jogging overachievers who make 7 figure salaries & always seem to have a smile or their face? Well, let’s face it, they know the secret. They are members of the club. The Five Club. Yep, 5am baby.

Membership has its benefits. These folks know the feeling of arriving at work & having the whole peaceful place to themselves. They rarely encounter traffic. They watch the sun rise. They wake to birds chirping. And every day they give themselves the most important gift on earth. The gift of time.

Do you wanna be a member of the Five Club? Listen to this week’s podcast. It will change your life for the better!

I wish I knew this years ago…

The direct benefits I have received from getting up earlier:

I’m healthier from having the time to workout daily
My body is more in tune with the earth’s circadian rhythms which offers more restorative sleep
My business is even more successful than I could have hoped for
I am able to spend meaningful uninterrupted time with my children
I have gained even more self-esteem.
I’m way more energized & productive
I’m proof that the stats are true…Various studies show that morning peeps exhibit major success character traits like optimism, being agreeable, satisfaction and conscientiousness.
If you haven’t already, check out this podcast episode where we give you actionable tips and compassionate advice on how to wake up earlier and give yourself the gift of time.

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